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Children have so much to give to the world. They can be tomorrow’s leaders and guides, drawing on their understanding and experience with conflict to show us a better way forward. But first, we have to give them an opportunity to learn and grow through education.

The Global Schoolhouse Initiative is looking for individuals, NGOs, and governmental organizations who want to work together to give at-risk children a future. Our organization provides curriculums and computer equipment free of charge to host communities and organizations, and has extremely low overhead, so you know your money and talent go directly to the children we serve.


We’re in need of donations, including:

  • Monetary support from businesses, organizations and individuals
  • Service donations, such as animators or educators willing to help make our lessons better
  • Partner NGOs with a presence in Poverty stricken or remote areas, also in refugee camps
  • Governmental organizations

The more one forgets himself by giving himself to a cause to serve or another person to love – the more human he is.

~Viktor Frankl

Every dollar and donation we receive will be used to provide free and accessible education to children in need, ensuring a more promising future for not only those children, but everyone on this beautiful planet Earth. Contact Us to learn how you can get involved, or Donate.

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*The Global Schoolhouse Initiative is a registered Canadian charity (#750577516RR0001), and is eligible for tax credits.