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The Issue

For children at risk, education can be the most precious gift imaginable. It can give them the strength to cope with their daily struggle for food, shelter, and safety, and the imagination to dream of a better future. But right now, far too many children are being denied education — and hope.

Our global community is facing the worst humanitarian crisis in more than half a century. Many governments and NGOs struggle just to provide basic services like food and shelter, forcing millions of children to go without education. But education isn’t a luxury. It’s the only thing that can give these children hope for a better tomorrow, and give the world hope for a more peaceful future.

The Solution

Peace education and resilience training can help children cope, and act as a fortress against violence. Allowing children to learn mental and emotional skills necessary to become leaders — and future peacemakers.

Our system requires no teachers, no classrooms, and only one laptop per class. Our classes can be led by any literate adult or older child in the community. Most importantly, because our program requires no permanent presence, we can do the most good with our resources. One laptop can give thousands of children a fighting chance at a better future.

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If the eye of the heart is open, in each atom there will be one hundred secrets.

~ Farid ud-Din Attar

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The Research

Children learn from traumatic experiences as well as from positive ones. For traumatized children, resilience education can transform their future, giving them the strength to build something better for the next generation. Through evidence-based resilience education, The Global Schoolhouse Initiative can give impoverished children the strength to be global citizens, leaders, and peacemakers.